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The Pure Science of Safe Water™

General Ecology, Inc.'s family of water purifiers and water filters are designed to suit different lifestyles and ensure that you get great tasting water by choice...not by chance.
Seagull® IV Water Purifiers
Seagull® IV Water Purifiers
First Need Portable Water Purifiers
Seagull® IV Water Purifiers
  • Residential
  • Country Homes & Cottages
  • Marine/RV
Nature Pure® QC™ 2 Water Purifiers
  • Cottages & Camps
  • Marine/RV
First Need® Portable Water Purifiers
  • Backpacking & International Travel
  • Cycling & Touring
  • Camping & Canoeing
  • Climbing & Hiking
  • Fishing & Hunting
  • Resort & Cruise Traveling

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