Clear Vision

General Ecology, Inc. started with a single objective – to create an ideal water purification technology with an ecological and healthful balance. Developed by multi-disciplined scientists and engineers to protect against modern environmental and ecological water borne problems, “Structured Matrix” purification technology combines truly advanced concepts and purification techniques.

Exceptional Performance

Most filters are intended to remove some taste and odors. Only a small selection of the very best water filters may remove specific protozo, and possibly certain aesthetic contaminants, providing a lesser standard of protection than that of General Ecology water purification systems. General Ecology purifiers remove viruses, bacteria and protozoa, PLUS many organic and inorganic chemicals.

Environmentally Committed

Think “Green”, “Green Building” and “The Green Solution” signify an interest in a healthier lifestyle with a responsibility to the environment. Water purity and conservation are key elements in the improvements of one’s home or the footprint that one leaves while travelling. Go green at home, go green while travelling with General Ecology water purifiers!

February 13 , 2024

Water Advisories In Canada

Western Canada
Eastern Canada
The Maritimes