General Ecology® Water Purifiers Certified to EPA Guide Standards

Seagull® IV & Nature Pure® Ultrafine™ Water Purifiers
First Need® Portable Water Purifiers

Three series of tests were conducted by the independent laboratory at the University of Arizona to document removal of microbiological contaminants according to current EPA Guide Standard and Protocol for Testing Microbiological Water Purifiers.

The purifiers were operated for 100% of their rated capacity and challenged periodically with high concentrations of bacteria, cysts and virus. At the 60% and 75% test points the units were challenged with “worst case” water according to protocol. Additionally, the systems were allowed to stagnate for 48 hours after the 50%, 75% and 100% test points to demonstrate that no microbiological growth through the cartridge occurred.

% Reduction (geometric average of 3 units)
Bacteria Cysts Virus Polopviurs
type I
Test Point
% of Rated Capacity
Klebsiella terrigena Cryptosporidium Rotavirus SA-11
start >99.9999 >99.9 >99.99
25% >99.9999 >99.9 >99.99
50% >99.9999 >99.9 >99.99
48 hr. stagnation NG NG NG
*60% >99.9999 >99.9 >99.99
*75% >99.9999 >99.9 >99.99
48 hr. stagnation NG NG NG
*90% >99.9999 >99.9 >99.99
*100% >99.9999 >99.9 >99.99
*= Worst case challenge water. NG = No Growth

Conclusion: General Ecology Inc.’s Seagull IV, Nature Pure and First Need water purifiers met the EPA Guide Standard as Microbiological Purifiers by removing bacteria, cysts and virus without the use of chemical additives or multiple processing.