Going Green at Home

Seagull IV Water Purifiers: Green Friendly for Over 40 Years!  Since 1973 General Ecology, Inc. has been manufacturing drinking water purifiers with a commitment to our environment, and is now the acknowledged leader in chemical-free water purification technology.

The award winning Seagull IV Purifiers address the needs of sophisticated, ecologically conscious customers worldwide by providing environmentally friendly water purification technology. Seagull IV purifiers were designed for minimal impact on the environment, needing no electricity to operate or polluting chemicals to purify. Constructed from the best materials available each unit is quality checked throughout the production process.

Think “Green”, “Green Building” and “The Green Solution” signify an interest in a healthier lifestyle with a responsibility to the environment. Water purity and conservation are key elements in the improvements of one’s home.

Because water supports the lives of billions of people as well as nourishing the Earth\’s ecosystem, it is imperative that we safeguard our drinking water supplies. We can accomplish this by water conservation, lessening our use of polluting products such as pesticidal chemicals, limiting electricity usage, and lowering dependence on plastic bottles.

Seagull IV Drinking Water Purifiers have been delivering environmentally friendly “Green Solution” to drinking water concerns for our customers and their families for over 40 years. By employing our unique “Structured Matrix” technology, Seagull IV removes bacteria, cysts and viruses* along with foul taste, odor and chemical pesticides such as chlorine. Seagull IV water purifiers are designed to limit the negative impact on the environment by purifying all naturally, without the need for hold-time, electricity, chemicals or wasted water. These award-winning systems have a compact design, are easily installed under the kitchen sink, and are virtually maintenance free. (*Independently certified to meet the EPA Guide Standard Protocol for Microbiological Purifiers for removal of bacteria, cysts and virus. (Please refer to published test results.)

Going Green while travelling

It is important to leave no trace behind, to leave places visited as “untouched” as possible. Rather than clutter the environment with even more waste by carrying water in disposable plastic bottles, hikers, even the beginning ones, are better off carrying the light-weight, award winning First Need XLE portable water purifier. First Need water purifiers enable outdoor enthusiasts to decrease the clutter and waste on the environment through the purification of drinking water from local fresh water sources. There are no empty bottles to dispose of, no chemicals involved and no excess water going to waste in the process. First Need portable water purifiers operate without chemicals so there is no iodine taste and no worry of ingesting unwanted chemicals – a plus for personal healthy, especially for children. Independently certified to the EPA Guide Standard for Microbiological Purification for removal of bacteria, cysts and virus, First Need Purifiers also excel at the removal of specific pesticides, herbicides and foul tastes. (Please see published test results.)