Dockside Pre-filtration System

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Just hook up your boat/camper hose to the Dockside™ Prefilter and the prefilter's source hose to marina/campground water connection...

Get instant effective removal of the most troublesome particulates before they enter your water storage tanks WITHOUT chemicals, electricity, hold time or multiple pass through.

Removes abrasive sand, dirt, rust scale and suspended particles. Does not remove viruses, bacteria or cysts. Excellent pre-filter to preserve and extend life of on board equipment including Seagull IV water purifiers. Dockside prefilter's outside hookup filters water of particulates as you fill your tank.

  • Large Capacity, average 5,000 US gallons
  • Prefilter water from dockside or campground sources while filling potable water storage tank
  • Removes Chlorine, prevents corrosion of aluminum tanks
  • Removes foul taste and odours
  • Removes abrasive sand, dirt, scale, suspended particulates
  • Extends the life of more expensive equipment
  • Durable thermo-engineered housing with inlet/outlet hookup
  • 3 1/2 ft hose with easy 5/8 in. external garden hose hookup
  • Aqua-Polish® #10 filtration cartridge
  • Great combo with Seagull® IV water purifier
  • Dockside Brochure
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